Canoe On Kluane Lake Yukon

The "famous" yellow canoe on Kluane Lake in the Yukon - it is the cover of my german coffeetable book "Kanada".

picture of Canoe On Kluane Lake Yukon
Panoramic picture of a yellow canoe and bolders along the shore of Kluane Lake in the Yukon, Canada.

What would be a Lake picture in the Yukon without a canoe? I prefer to plan major shots in advance. Usually I do a lot of scouting, checking the angle of the light, make sure the foreground and background is right and so on and so forth. As said, I usually do this - not with this picture of a yellow canoe on Kluane Lake. On this photo we lucked out. it has been a drizzly day in the Yukon, we were up in the Yukon for a short movie advertisement production (yes, we do movies too) for a local Helicopter company, but that day was not good for flying at all. We sat all day filming a time-lapse of the clouds and rain moving by, hoping to clear, but the weather never changed.

So we decided to take the time to rest a little bit, we had long production days behind us and we felt quite tired. We drove our camper up the Lake to a beautiful campsite right on Lake, it was still pooring down like cracy. We were just ready for a cup of coffee as we realized that the rain stopped. We watched the weather for bit longer and then I realized that soemthing was happening. The clouds opened up a little and all it sudden the light became beautiful soft and colorful. I grabbed my 6x8cm medium format camera to shot a few pics of the Lake - nice shots, but nothing absolute amazing, they all looked a little empty. What is a Lake shot in the Yukon without a canoe?? We didn't bring a canoe on this trip because we had been on the limit with our weight for the Camper, but I saw that our campsite neighbors had one on their roof. I ran over and asked them if they would mind to be models for us. They were actually quite excited about it and the rush began. There was not a lot of time before the sun and light was gone. We fired some shots with the couple on the Lake, but the shots just didn't cut it right, shutter speed was to low and it was difficult to get the moving canoe sharp (I did not want to use a differetn film because of the grain), so Idecided to ask them to come back ashore asap. We placed the canoe, didn't like the background first but then just a few hundret feet down the shore I found those bolders in the Lake - perfect location!

We placed the canoe first on a different angle for the 6x8cm shot, but while I was shooting with the medium camera I saw this amazing panoramic shot. Ran back to the camper, got the 6x17cm panorama camera out, messured the light and......ziiiiip got the pic. I absolute love the composition and the colors - no wonder we used the shot later for my panoramic coffeetable book "Kanada". It has been a great book and it was sold out within 1 year!

Sometimes you just can't plan everything but the key to this shot was that we were organized enough to get the shot within a few minutes before the light disappeared and the rain started again. Luck was a big factor too - without our neighbors we would not have had a canoe!

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Picture: "Canoe On Kluane Lake Yukon"
Photographer: Rolf Hicker Photography
Photo Name: panoramic_canoe_kluane - Canoe On Kluane Lake Yukon

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