Humpback Whale Tail Sunset

A Humpback Whale dives during sunset off the Newfoundland - Labrador coast.

picture of Humpback Whale Tail Sunset
Picture of a Humpback Whale tail at a golden sunset off the Newfoundland/Labrador coast.

It is not a secret - I love to photograph whales. Every-time it is a challenge, no matter if we are chasing the light or different behavior of Humpback Whales (or other whales). This images, which I'm very happy with, was photographed from a very little local fishing boat (almost too little to be out in the Atlantic ocean). We spent hours with 3 Humpback Whales till they finally decided to move closer to us. The small boat was a great platform for the picture because I was fairly low to the waterline, although the constant movements from the waves made it difficult on the other side.

I'm especially pleased with this Humpback Whale Tail picture, I photographed thousand of pictures of tails, but I never got one like this. beautiful light and finally a different angle of the tail.

One of my favourite Humpback Whale pictures without any doubt. Humpback Whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, Canada, Newfoundland, Labrador,

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Picture: "Humpback Whale Tail Sunset"
Photographer: Rolf Hicker Photography
Photo Name: f76t0433 - Humpback Whale Tail Sunset

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Humpback Whale Tail Sunset
Humpback Whale Tail Sunset
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